Claus Word, Italy, 1989.


I like to think that my works can describe me more than my words ever can.

I would like my works to be perceived as dreamlike worlds made of dreams on the edge of the nightmare. I want there to be a disturbing component that distinguishes my art, something that can fascinate the eye of those who are attracted by an ambiguous and relative darkness, from which nothing particularly positive or particularly negative emerges, creating a dimension where good and evil, right and wrong, beautiful and unbeautiful are confused.


2022 – “Delicatezza” (group exhibition), OnArt Gallery, Firenze
2021 – Premio Mestre di Pittura (finalista), Centro Culturale Candiani, Mestre (VE)
2021 – Premio Fabrizio De André, (finalista) Fondazione De André, Milano, Italy
2020 – “The Metamorphosis” (grou exhibition), The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK
2018 – 10000 Small Scale Art Award, Lethbridge Gallery, Australia
2017 – “Showcase” (group exhibition) , Arch Enemy Arts Gallery, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
2016 – “Red & Black”  (group exhibition) , Gallery X, Dublin, Ireland
2016 – MEAM, (permanent collection), Barcelona ES.
2015 – “Iper-Realtà” (solo exhibition), Museo del Castello di Castelmola
2014 – “Isole Contemporanee: Japan vs Sicily” (group exhibition), Palazzo Duchi di S. Stefano, Taormina
2014 -“Arte, Ieri Oggi e Domani”, Galerie Unique, Turin, Italy
2013 – Padua Art Fair, Padova, Italy
2013 – Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

2013 – “Nel Segno di Facebook” (group exhibition), Studio 71 Gallery, Palerme, Italy.
2013 -“IncantArti”, (group exhibition), Galleria Domus, Rome, Italy.