Claus Word, Italy, 1989.

​Painting in grey shades is a sort of union between past and future that I’m trying to connect: in the past, all media has had origin from a monochromatic scale; today the high definition is always more developed in every field and in mine, the max level is the meticulous research of details. In my personal view, the high definition of hyperrealism meets the fascination of the past with its black and white.
I also focus my attention on the dual concept of life, emphasized through the bichromatic lens of white and black, as light and dark, fused to form a single indissoluble thing.

Description of WORDS ‘N’ WORLDS series:

In this series, I’m tryng to really express a part of myself: every element, every choice has its own well-defined meaning. Adding words to painted images is something that has attracted me for some time. I think that as in music, at some point, there was the need to use words creating the song, this can also be done in painting. This is not an evolution, as the song has not evolved music, but has only created another parallel artistic form, just different, perhaps a little more explicit. There are words that I like to say, visualize, hear, read … They can open worlds and different for everyone. For example, “fight” this word can only mean a lot to anyone, wherever it is and whatever it does, everyone has a battle going on, whether it is to realize a dream, to improve a place, to help others, for rights… The compositions are made with things that I can get anywhere I find myself so I could create artworks even on the road. Paper, aluminum foil, branches … I like the versatility of these elements, they can take shapes, create different shades, you can write on them … they can be folded, torn, burnt each time becoming symbols of a different thing. Even the objects that sometimes appear, a dice, charms, keys.. These are all things that I always carry with me, often on me.

Description of BEYOND REALITY series:

In this series, I’m analyzing the eyes, investigate it in his natural perfection: every iris is always different from each other, any eye could create a new world completely stranger from anyone else that I like to probe in the deep. These paintings present close-ups of eyes through which I examine the expression of universal emotions related to the feelings of loss, confusion and frustration emanating, from the solitary search for our own identity. Furthermore, the gaze represents the subjectivity of a point of view, also in this case, unique and personal. “The most fatal illusion is the settled point of view. Since life is growth and motion, a fixed point of view kills anybody who has one”


-Online finalist, Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award
-Group exhibition , Arch Enemy Arts Gallery, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
-“Red & Black”  group exhibition , Gallery X, Dublin, Ireland.
-MEAM, Permanent collection, Barcelona (ES).
-“Iper-Realtà”, solo exhibition with Donatella Marcatajo, Museo del Castello di Castelmola, Italy.
-“Isole Contemporanee: Japan vs Sicily”, group exhibition, Palazzo Duchi di S. Stefano, Taormina, Italy.
-“Arte, Ieri Oggi e Domani”, Galerie Unique, Turin, Italy.
-Padua Art Fair, Padova, Italy.
-Art Fair, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France.

-Group exhibition, Studio 71 Gallery, Palerme, Italy.
-“IncantArti”, group exhibition, Galleria Domus, Rome, Italy.

Press:  Beautiful Bizarre Issue 016 ,  Poets Artists #83 The Portrait Issue , Poets Artists #85 Idiosyncratic Monochromes